i really like seeing other cartoonists do this, so - here’s the process of a page that needed a lot of revising!

Original script & pencils+color rough / Notebook scribbling to figure out changes to paneling, acting, dialogue / New pencils / Final lines &final page! ✨



(Here’s some scrapped cover ideas! These felt a little too serious/quiet for a cover - I think I’m gonna go with something a little more energetic/cute !)

I haven’t been able to start drawing Chapter 3 just yet - some unexpected work come up, plus finishing the writing took longer than planned (this chapter looks like it’ll be the longest one! :’)  But I’m currently on to thumbnailing, and based on the other work I have planned for February, I think I’ll definitely be able to have some pages up within the month! 

Thanks so much for sticking around - I’m really excited for this next chapter, & can’t wait to share it <3

The Vision of the Chosen One  -  “And Jehovah appeared to Abraham…” Abraham saw God. In other words he did not see anything that he did not see every day. He just noticed that everything he saw- the landscape, the animals, the people - were in reality God.

A little scrapped painting - an illustration for a very short story by Alexander Jodorowsky.  

Hope you guys don’t mind a look at my messy, confused struggle :’) I have so many paintings that I never post anywhere, because I messed up somewhere along the way to finishing them and they would need a lot of editing to get back the kind of ‘magic’ the first sketch had for me.. But I think this is as far as I’ll ever go with this one !