Some of the HW from Sam Neilson’s Fundamentals of Lighting class at Schoolism! (Initial loose lines for these are Sam’s) 

I don’t think I could’ve learned most of this stuff so in-depth, so quickly, if I was completely teaching myself..It’s definitely been one of the most useful classes I’ve taken! :)

Also got a few more asks about studies, and favorite artists/inspirations!

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Hey, who’s your favorite artist? Which one were you talking about?

Mmm I think I was talking about De’Von Stubblefield a few weeks ago. I didn’t say he’s my favourite artist(how could I pick just one?), but his work is a lot of fun (: Right now I’ve been trying to stop focusing entirely on environments & realism, so I’ve been looking at Jesse Aclin/studiogangster, Alexandre Diboine/zedig, James Woods, Cory Loftis, Andrew Mar, elephantfist… My favourite artists change pretty often - I don’t think my work even shows any influence from most of these guys yet. Also I have a terrible habit of falling in love with an artist for a day and then forgetting them after a few days..there’s too much interesting work out there! Imperial Boy, Miyazaki, Daisuke Igaraishi, Amber Blade Jones, Kali Ciesemier, Sam Bosma, Gillian Grossman are some of the longer lasting influences.

Hi, your art work is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and stories in them. Was just wondering how you come up with ideas? I go to draw and end up just blanking out or drawing people standing stiffly in the same poses.

Hi, thanks! haha well I sometimes have the same issue drawing characters, which is why I mostly stick to environments(bad habit). Check out what De’Von says about his approach, might be more useful. Photos of the world are always inspiring for me, I get a lot of inspiration from photo blogs like opaaa or vacilandoelmundo. I think creativity is just putting 2 or 3 random things together in a new and interesting way, so I just try to pay attention to everything, and make sure there’s interesting and varied things floating around in my head (:

I love the idea of studies, but I can never figure out how to organize my time for certain studies instead of jumping in and doing a bunch of random ones. How do you divide your time between what studies you need to work on like anatomy or perspective or color? How many hours a week would you say you do studies?

Jumping straight in isn’t bad - it can be nice to have a schedule so that you can keep better track of your progress, but as long as you do some basic things consistently that’s fine. This summer I’ve been spending most of my study time on my schoolism class, but I try to fit in an hour of gestures, some animal studies, and some studies of movie stills as often as I can. I try to break my day up as 5 hours a day for studies, 5 for work(commissions), and 5 for personal work(right now, mostly just a lot of thumbnails and planning cause I’m working on being less generic). I consider personal work most valuable right now, so I try to do that at the time of day I’m sharpest.

How heavily do you rely on reference images when you make your work, assuming that you use references at all? What aspects of your work do you use them for?

While I’m figuring out thumbnails I’ll look up hundreds of photos of various locations/specific objects to help get inspired, and sometimes I’ll keep a few of them up for ref while making the final sketch. That’s pretty much it unless I get stuck further along. I use photo textures a little in detailing big pictures, too.