Asks!! Newest to oldest - some info about studies & sketchbooks :)

How do I contact you for a freelance project

Thanks for the interest, email is best!

When you do a study, what exactly do you learn? Like when you paint from movies or something like that, what is you are looking to learn?

For movie studies I’m paying attention to color schemes and lighting, composition, and arrangement/contrast of detail to space; and how those effect the emotion of the moment. They’re super useful studies, I really recommend doing them! 

Hi there! I really love your work! Anyway, how did you get so good? I really want to be as good as you and paint awesome landscapes but I don’t know how to start. Thanks :)

 How did you study color theory? Are there any websites that can help me? Thanks a bunch!

Thank you!! :) Just practice, you know.. I’d just recommend looking at this post of the tutorials/forums that have really helped me - link

Most of all just spend a lot of time doing quick studies (painting studies, of photos of landscapes or portraits(from life is better though!), gesture studies, study the styles of your favourite artists (figure out what defines their work), and put a lot of time into personal work. Don’t procrastinate and work hard, 4+ hours a day is a good start if you want to see fast improvement ;)

Hey, what’s your personal blog? If you don’t mind me asking?

This is my personal blog!  I don’t have a reblog/inspiration blog though either.

you are beyond phenomenal, thank you for the inspiration <3

You are too, thank you! <3

hey! so just wondering what kind of sketchbook you use, and if you carry it around with you all day or what :)

The first day of orientation at my school they gave out some great fat little(6x4in) sketchbooks that fit into any bag!! Otherwise I’ll mostly just go to the dollar store or garage sales and grab something. Drawing in crappy old sketchbooks encourages you to draw freely and loosely - I used to have super nice sketchbooks but that just led to being reluctant or nervous to draw.

I keep a sketchbook on me all the time, I get a lot of my best ideas when I’m out doing something other than drawing :) 

Hi I just found you on dA, and I completely fell in love with your paintings. They are so, so beautiful. It’s just-the colours and the settings and the detail, it’s amazing. They seem so otherworldly and vibrant and just, well thank you for painting.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing that. Hope you have a great day <3