Anon answers! Sorry for the slow replies to these, private messaging will get you a reply faster ;v;

hi there! i found your work on dA and fell in love uwu if you don’t mind could you show us what programs you use and your brush settings? :)

Hi, and thanks! I use PSCS 5 and my brushes are mostly default ones, airbush/hard round, oil pastel large, and the stumpy pencil for lineart.

I’m curious, did you apply for RISD? I want to apply there and I thought your portfolio was beautiful, so I was wondering how they liked your portfolio..??? S sorry for the strange question omg hdhhdd

Ah yeah I applied there and was accepted, and I guess they liked my portfolio cause they offered me decent scholarship? National Portfolio Days are really really worth going to if you want to know what a specific school will think of your portfolio!